The Digital Language Divide
Project by Ryan Phillips
Produced for WSU Vancouver DTC 375 class Spring 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So what the hell is all this?

This was a group project done for Washington State University Vancouver’s DTC 375 class, spring 2009. The focus of the research for this project was to identify any digital language divides there may be by (age, sex, etc.) for the ability to read and understand online gaming language. If you are curious what our group found, continue reading...

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4) Do you have a computer, Internet access, mobile phone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, or other devices? Please list your most commonly utilized electronic devices.

5) Do you, or have you ever played, multiplayer games with in‐game text‐based communication systems, such as World of Warcraft? (If not, skip to Q#6)

a. Why do you play the online game?

b. How often do you play?

c. Do you use the slang from the game(s) you play in your normal text‐based and verbal communications? (For example LOL)

d. Do you think online games affect how we speak when talking to others more than in the past? Why?

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